Before-Afters Photos


In this page, you'll find a glance of our customers success stories regrowing their real own hair again by using our methods, who sent us before-after photos.

Most of them chose an all-natural approach to hair regrowth, and a few combined our methods with FDA-approved drugs knowing that they used FDA drugs just to accelerate their growing process with time, and we always send a complete plan to quit them gradually with zero hair loss, we've organized the testimonials to reflect this.

In addition, customers before and afters are rarely taken at the same angle, hair length, and room lighting. While each success story is happy with their hair regrowth, their degree of recovery is really up to you – the person evaluating each photo.

Note: The age shown is when treatment and applying our methods were done.


Our all natural approach
no drugs, topicals or surgeries
 hairloss hairrestore

Imam , age 34, Saudi Arabia

 Ramzi, age 25, Algeria 


Ahmet, age 27 
Haneen, 30's, West Bank
Anas, age 25 
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