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Ramzi, 25, Algeria

My hairline has improved significantly and my hair looks thicker and more dense than before! As you can see, this is a marked difference from just a few months ago when my scalp was extremely shiny. Now, my scalp looks rejuvenated and healthy.

Hanen, 30's, West Bank

I'm completely convinced that my hairline has recovered to the way it was three years ago. I'm thrilled about it... In the past, I never thought that any sort of recovery would be possible, so this is really exciting, Thank you Tawfiq.

Ahmet, 28, YE

It has been my pleasure to know Tawfiq for the past four months. I am impressed by his attention to detail, and mindfulness in every aspect of our work together. He's a highly driven individual who stays up-to-date on all aspects of hair care. As you can see in the pictures what a difference in just 3.5 months! Overall, I highly recommend getting his informative ebook.

Hair Restore Tawfeq Hejawi

About The Founder

Tawfeq Hejawi is a researcher, medical editor, and the founder of Hair Restore – a website dedicated to showcasing evidence-based methods for hair regrowth, with and without drugs.

His interest in hair loss started 6 years ago. He reviewed more than 5000 papers on hair loss disorders and helped thousands of hair loss sufferers find a path toward hair recovery, and on their terms.

Feel free to browse our science-backed articles. If you'd like to take the guesswork out of regrowing hair, consider buying our ebook + video + coaching package.