Hi! My name is Tawfeq Hejawi. I’m a health and hair loss researcher, experimenter, medical editor, and the founder of Hair Restore. I started my YouTube channel and this website three years ago to help people stopping and reversing their hair loss without any medications according to evidence-based approaches.

Everything started in the last year at university, my hair loss increased massively and my hair line was receding without any hair to grow back! And since then my interest in hair loss has begun.

I've spent thousands of hours researching hair loss – causes, treatments, and misconceptions, with focusing on natural recovery based on scientific experiments and benefiting from people’s experiences (hair loss researchers and inspiration from old people like grandma) and adopt the method of experiment to see what works and what does not.


Tawfeq Hejawi, founder of hairrestore.co


In 2016, when I first diagnosed with Androgenic alopecia, I felt hopeless and helpless, It was like a big shock and an endless nightmare, immediately I Booked an appointment with a dermatologist, the doctor said that my hair loss was caused by a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). He also said that pattern hair loss is a chronic, progressive condition – and that unless I started minoxidil, finasteride, or considered a hair transplant, it would only worsen.

Psychologically, I was not ready to take these medications because of their frightening side effects, which do not disappear even if you stop taking them. Moreover their high price, and the fact they are chemicals that interfere with the nature and instinct of the body. As a result, I ended up throwing the idea of using them out of my mind.

However, I wanted to do something. I started asking here and there, I started academic and scientific research that I have learned how to do it exactly at university and ending with asking those with experience with hairloss in real life and on the internet and even my grandma.

During my research I had many thoughts; eg. Why in the past older men tend to have hairloss meanwhile, these days high percentage of young men have hairloss and baldness in their 20's and 30's ?

After a few months, I began to see many complexities in hair loss science. And I realized that hair loss literature is filled with misunderstandings, paradoxes and a lot of unanswered questions.

For Example:
1."High Testosterone causes hairloss", then why hairloss is more common with older men who have lower testosterone levels?

2.DHT causes baldness, then why at age 18 -highest DHT levels in men at this age- didn't cause hairloss since then? why now?

3. How exactly does DHT causes hairloss ? No one is quite sure why (or how) does DHT miniaturize human hair follicles. DHT's mechanisms of action remain elusive.

The Truth behind DHT

If we compare two scalps, the first have baldness and the other is healthy, many differences will appear, and we will observe these symptoms and conditions in the balding scalp:
  • Calcification
  • Fibrosis
  • Inflammation
  • Increased prostaglandins
  • High levels of Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Low blood, oxygen, and nutrient supply to the hair follicles

All of these factors affects hair follicles for sure, and prevent the blood supply for follicles, but, how does it happened?  Is it only the DHT to blame? Is it the main cause? … it's very possible we're missing something.



A Final Note:

Internet these days are full of companies and ads trying to sell their useless products that DO NOT Solve the root problem. Also There are a lot of "all-natural" companies that lack integrity and not science based, their results take too much time to be gained.

We are not anything like mentioned above, we have more than 1200 clients that are happy and satisfied with results gained by our methods.

We also have personal guidance and follow up. every person is different and every person should have his own protocol that suits his current situation of hairloss. As a result we have those 5 super fast protocols -mentioned in our e-book and in follow up- that assure everyone have his unique protocol that gives the fastest results.