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Background is a website dedicated to providing visitors with information about and services for those with androgenic alopecia (AGA). Like most websites, collects data from its visitors. For example, I use Google Analytics to see which pages visitors read. Then I use those insights to help tailor future content. This is all to better serve our readers.

Controller is the controller of all the personal data collected and used on this site. It is our responsibility to decide how and why the data of our visitors is used, and to ensure that all data are handled legally and safely.

Our data protection officer can be contacted at tawfiq[at] If you have any enquiries, please use the email subject, "Data Protection Enquiry".

Data collection

Data is collected from various pages of For instance, when a visitor signs up for my emails (i.e., a free case study, our newsletter, etc.), they must provide a valid email address. My email service provider then collects that information, sends the visitor an email to confirm their email address, and then emails them content pertinent to their opt-in form. In these situations, the data I collect is what the visitor provides to me: their email (and sometimes their first name).

If a visitor purchases / registers for one of my digital products or memberships, I may store additional data that the visitor provides during the registration process. This may include the visitor's registered username, password, email address, billing / shipping address, IP address, and timestamp of purchase / registration.

Data use

Visitors' data are used to service purchases and registrations. I may also refer to individual data if a visitor contacts us with queries related to their data (provided they can prove their identity). At times, I may choose to aggregate data from visitors to profile customer demographics. Additionally, when a visitor signs up for my emails, I'll use the data they provided to email them content.

I process (collect, store, and use) any information provided by visitors of in compliance with the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Legally, I have to retain some personal data for taxation and auditing purposes. .

My goal is to keep your information accurate and current, but for no longer than necessary. I keep visitor and customer data for at least one month to uphold our refund policies. But I also may hold that data for longer for accounting purposes.

Any content a visitor sends to me in an email, posts publicly in article comments, or posts privately in our membership community (i.e., in the discussion forums) is owned by By contributing to our content in this manner, you grant permission to use that content for marketing purposes (for instance, site testimonials). All personal information will be de-identified, unless you give me permission to share any identifiable information.

Data sharing

In some circumstances, your data may be shared with third parties. This is mainly because I need the help of third-party resources to fulfill business-related processes.

For instance, if I manually sent out email broadcasts to each subscriber, it would take days to complete a single broadcast. Accordingly, I use a third-party email service provider to automate broadcast emailing for me. The same is true for payment processing. If I manually collected orders from customers, generated individual receipts, issued purchase links, and delivered each digital product on a person-by-person basis, it would delay customers from instantly accessing my products, and detract me from what I love doing: creating new content for readers. Resultantly, I rely on a secure third-party payment processor to handle payments and product deliveries for me. I also use third-party services and softwares to track and manage data from visitors – like Google analytics.

Policy changes

Occasionally, I'll amend this privacy policy to better adhere to the practices of business and a changing legal landscape. When this happens, you'll see the changes reflected on this page. For any major updates, I'll email you.


I use cookies on this site to help us understand which content my visitors might prefer in the future. For example, I use traffic log cookies to identify which pages visitors are using. This might sound scary, but it's usually just software like Google Analytics - which most websites use to track traffic.

Visitors can choose to accept or decline cookies, but most web browsers automatically accept them. Visitors can modify their browser's setting to decline cookies automatically, but this may prevent them from taking complete advantage of all parts and functionalities of


By giving your consent to this Privacy Policy, you give me permission to process your personal data for the purposes described above. You can withdraw consent at any time by writing to the email address listed earlier in this policy. If you have any enquiries about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at any time using that same email address.