If you tried to search causes of hair loss, you will be sudden by all misinformation online and its really hard to extract the truth from all that misinformation!

Hair loss forums may make you feel okay and discuss methods to slow the hair loss cascade, but at the end they all promote FDA-approved drugs as the only possible solutions.

Even natural approach experts will end up promoting their own DHT lowering supplements as they are claimed to be free from sexual side effects that finasteride have.

Even though every study at the end promote a product, as marketers stand behind the science to fit their needs, the real truth of hair loss is much simpler, the human body can heal itself if we give it a sign without any need to drugs or any supplements!

Our approach

  • 1.Objective, impartial research

    Our articles explain complex hair loss science into easy-to-understand articles... so no need to read PubMed until 3am every night. Want to know why supplements are useless? Or if low blood flow causes hair loss? This is the right place.

  • 2.Alternatives to drugs

    Since Finasteride or minoxidil are a lifetime commit. There are evidence-based alternatives to both drugs – some of which don’t cost a dime, Also its use is temporary and its results remain for lifetime! learn about them here.

  • 3.A supportive coaching

    Here, you’ll find a full coaching and personal guidance through our whatsapp chatline to give you all steps & tips needed to regrow your hair.

  • 4.Therapies to enhance drug efficacy

    Not responding well to finasteride? Seeing hair regrowth from minoxidil, but want more hair recovery? Small add-ons to any hair loss regimen – in combination with either drug – can improve hair counts by over 400%. We’ll reveal why... and how. And we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

  • 5.Hair loss targets beyond DHT

    There are limitations of reducing DHT to reverse pattern hair loss. We've revealed targets beyond DHT that might reap better results. Today, many of our success stories have seen hair regrowth without ever using drugs.

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